segunda-feira, agosto 11, 2008

Carta para a ONU

[Ver Fig. da carta para a ONU]

TO: UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon,
14th of July, 2008

Copied to the G8 leaders

Dear Secretary General Ban Ki-moon,

The UN Climate Change Panel must be called to account and cease its deceptive practices - Policies based on false science must be ended

We, an independent group of experts in various aspects of science and the environment, ask you to redress the lack of scientific integrity of the UN’s Climate Change Panel (IPCC) and to stop making reactionary and futile ‘Climate Change’ recommendations that hold back the developing world.

As you read this, policies that you endorse are already causing misery and starvation for the world's poor.

On the 14th of April this year some of us wrote to the Chair of the IPCC, Dr Rajendra Pachauri, copied below and available on the UN CAPSA site (ref E), asking him to present clear and graphic evidence of the theory that carbon dioxide (CO2) drives global temperature. We pointed out that no such evidence exists and offered charts and references that refute the man-made global warming theory.

Dr. Pachauri has failed to respond. Perhaps he lacks the knowledge to defend his position. Nevertheless, the IPCC's 51 ‘drafting and draft-contributing authors’ of the Summary for Policymakers (ref A) - not thousands as claimed - includes scientists who are surely obliged to provide such evidence if any exists.

For your illumination we refer you to:

(i) The chart in our letter of 14 April (page 3) which shows, using official data, that for the last decade World Temperatures have been falling whilst CO2 keeps rising, and

(ii) A geological (Greenland ice core) chart of polar climate covering the last 10,000 years (Ref B) which shows that while CO2 levels have been rising, temperatures have been falling since the Bronze Age around 4,000 years ago (see page 2).

[Comparar o gráfico superior "From IPCC Summary For Police Makers", do IPCC, e os gráficos inferiores "Arctic temps over 10,000 years, since end of the last Ice age", da ACIA, e "Earth's recent Climate History", do IPCC. É flagrante a descida das temperaturas do Árctico, monotonamente, e da Terra, com oscilações, mesmo na presença da subida monótona da concentração do CO2 entre os anos 4,000 e o presente].

The assertion that the recent rapid rise of CO2 is unique and dangerous is both deceptive and irrelevant because CO2 does not drive the world's climate. Claims that such rapid rises have not happened before are not supported by ice-core or other geological records (ref C).

Either the IPCC is simply failing to notice these gross discrepancies or it is consciously evading or covering-up observations that challenge its theories.

Given the facts (i) above, from observations over the last decade alone, there can be no justification for trying to restrict CO2 levels and retard third-world development while temperatures are in fact falling (also see Note D). Considering data over the last 4,000 years (ii), in its Summary for Policymakers and in its Full Report, the IPCC depicts CO2 rising but fails to depict a corresponding fall in temperature.

From its obstinate resistance to answer inquiries — an insult to the public, let alone to other scientists — one can only conclude that the IPCC is engaged in a self-serving distortion of data acquired at public expense.

Whatever might have seemed the case ten years ago, now, with better data and understanding, there is clearly no evidence for the CO2-based theory of global warming. Indeed, there is only evidence against it. Therefore, as a matter of utmost importance we urge you to:

1. Call the IPCC to account - Hold an Inquiry into its operations. Insist that it adhere to the same ‘prove and predict’ norms as other sciences. Further, noting its impotence in the face of contradictory evidence, lead the UN into abandoning the CO2-based theory of global warming and nullifying its former recommendations.

2. Immediately announce your opposition to biofuels – whose large-scale production entails the displacement of food crops, thus raising the price of food and bringing starvation to the poor.

Please do not hesitate to ask us for further information or assistance and we will provide it directly or through other independent, qualified colleagues.

Yours sincerely,

Piers Corbyn - Astrophysicist & forecaster, WeatherAction, UK

Vincent Gray - IPCC Expert Reviewer, Climate Consultant, NZ

Richard Courtney - IPCC Exp. Rev., Energy & Envir. Consultant, UK

Hans Labohm - IPCC Expert Reviewer, Economist & Author, Holland

Will Alexander - Prof. Em. Dept. Civil & Biosystems, South Africa

Don Parkes - Prof. Human Ecology (Ret.) Australia & Japan

Joseph D’Aleo - Certified Consultant Meteorologist, Fellow AMS, USA

Svend Hendriksen - Nobel Peace Prize 1988 (shared), Greenland

Alan Siddons - Climate Researcher, USA

Bob Ashworth - Chem. Eng. (Energy & Environment), USA

Norm Kalmanovitch - Geophysicist, Canada,

Hans Schreuder - Analytical Chemist (Ret.), UK


A) IPCC Summary for Policymakers (Fig SPM1 on page 4 fails to include temperature data alongside CO2 estimates over the last 4,000 years or more). The Full report (via similarly fails to include the available data required.
B) Greenland Ice data: ACIA , page 49.
C) CO2 is a gas and diffuses through many centuries of ice layers when absorbed hence rapid ‘spike’ changes in CO2 in recent decades will be smudged out to small blips in 1,000 years time. Past peaks are also smudged out and invisible now. Stomatal pore data from geological studies shows that there have been sharp peaks in CO2 concentrations in the past: 21stcentury , page 6; Sciencemag ; Oilcrisis, pages 10 and 12.
D) Leaving aside the question as to whether warming is really a problem in the first place - the Bronze Age having been described as the ‘Climate Optimum’ of the period since the last ice age (the ‘Holocene').
E) UNCAPSA site.