terça-feira, julho 08, 2008

A lista completa dos males causados pelo aquecimento global

A pedido de um leitor, apresenta-se uma lista, tão exaustiva quanto possível, dos presumíveis males e prejuízos provocados pelo designado “aquecimento global”.

No nosso entender, esta lista não é mais do que o resultado expectável daquele que provavelmente será o exemplo mais acabado da alucinação de massas conduzida pelos meios de comunicação social de todo o mundo.

Mas não nos eximimos a divulgá-la. Por uma questão de isenção, para que os leitores possam apreciar e julgar por si próprios a verosimilhança das situações que são imputadas ao aquecimento global e assim poderem confirmar ou refutar os argumentos invocados.

Como já aqui dissemos, em Ciência o cepticismo e a dúvida não são pecados, são virtudes. Só os fanáticos não entendem esta verdade elementar. Ainda que alguns deles se intitulem cientistas ou investigadores.

Basta clicar em cada um dos endereços, ordenados por ordem alfabética, para entrar na página de internet respeitante a cada um dos males e prejuízos enunciados. Pode acontecer que um ou outro dos endereços já não se encontre acessível.

Africa devastated
African aid threatened
Agricultural land increase
air pressure changes
Alaska reshaped
allergies increase
Alps melting
Amazon a desert
American dream end
amphibians breeding earlier (or not)
ancient forests dramatically changed
Antarctic grass flourishes
algal blooms
Arctic bogs melt
atmospheric defiance
atmospheric circulation modified
avalanches reduced
avalanches increased
bananas destroyed
bananas grow
bet for $10,000
better beer
big melt faster
billion dollar research projects
billions of deaths
bird distributions change
birds return early
blackbirds stop singing
blizzards, blue mussels return
Britain Siberian
British gardens change
bubonic plague
budget increases
building season extension
cardiac arrest
caterpillar biomass shift
challenges and opportunities
civil unrest
cloud increase
cloud stripping
cod go south
cold climate creatures survive
cold spells (Australia)
computer models
coral bleaching
coral reefs dying
coral reefs grow
coral reefs shrink
cold spells
cost of trillions
crumbling roads, buildings and sewage systems
cyclones (Australia)
damages equivalent to $200 billion
Dengue hemorrhagic fever
desert advance
desert life threatened
desert retreat
destruction of the environment
disappearance of coastal cities
diseases move north
Dolomites collapse
drowning people
ducks and geese decline
dust bowl in the corn belt
early spring
earlier pollen season
Earth biodiversity crisis
Earth dying
Earth even hotter
Earth light dimming
Earth lopsided
Earth melting
Earth morbid fever
Earth on fast track
Earth past point of no return
Earth slowing down
Earth spinning out of control
Earth to explode earth upside down
Earth wobbling
El Niño intensification
emerging infections
Europe simultaneously baking and freezing
evolution accelerating
expansion of university climate groups
extinctions (human, civilisation, logic, Inuit, smallest butterfly, cod, ladybirds, bats, pandas, pikas, polar bears, pigmy possums, gorillas, koalas, walrus, whales, frogs, toads, turtles, orang-utan, elephants, tigers, plants, salmon, trout, wild flowers, woodlice, penguins, a million species, half of all animal and plant species, less, not polar bears),
experts muzzled
extreme changes to California
farmers go under
figurehead sacked
fish catches drop fish catches rise
fish stocks decline
five million illnesses
Florida economic decline
food poisoning
food prices rise
food security threat (SA)
footpath erosion
forest decline
forest expansion
fungi invasion
Garden of Eden wilts
genetic diversity decline
gene pools slashed
glacial retreat
glacial growth
glacier wrapped
global cooling
global dimming
glowing clouds
Gore omnipresence
grasslands wetter
Great Barrier Reef 95% dead
Great Lakes drop
greening of the North
Gulf Stream failure
habitat loss
Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome
harvest increase
harvest shrinkage
hay fever epidemic
hazardous waste sites breached
heat waves
hibernation ends too soon
hibernation ends too late
high court debates
human fertility reduced
human health improvement
human health risk
hydropower problems
hyperthermia deaths
ice sheet growth
ice sheet shrinkage
inclement weather
infrastructure failure (Canada)
Inuit displacement
Inuit poisoned
Inuit suing
industry threatened
infectious diseases
insurance premium rises
invasion of midges
island disappears
islands sinking
itchier poison ivy
jellyfish explosion
Kew Gardens taxed
krill decline
lake and stream productivity decline
landslides of ice at 140 mph
lawsuits increase
lawsuit successful
lawyers’ income increased (surprise, surprise!)
lightning related insurance claims
little response in the atmosphere
Lyme disease
Maple syrup shortage
marine diseases
marine food chain decimated
marine dead zone
Meaching (end of the world)
methane emissions from plants
methane burps
melting permafrost
Middle Kingdom convulses
migration difficult (birds)
microbes to decompose soil carbon more rapidly
more bad air days
more research needed
mountain (Everest) shrinking
mountains break up
mountains taller
next ice age
Nile delta damaged
no effect in India
nuclear plants bloom
oaks move north
ocean acidification
outdoor hockey threatened
oyster diseases
ozone loss
ozone repair slowed
ozone rise
Pacific dead zone
personal carbon rationing
pest outbreaks
pests increase
phenology shifts
plankton blooms
plankton destabilised
plankton loss
plant viruses
plants march north
polar bears aggressive
polar bears cannibalistic
polar bears drowning
polar bears starve
polar tours scrapped
psychosocial disturbances
railroad tracks deformed
rainfall increase
rainfall reduction
reindeer larger
release of ancient frozen viruses
resorts disappear
rice yields crash
rift on Capitol Hill
rioting and nuclear war
rivers raised
rivers dry up
rocky peaks crack apart
roof of the world a desert
Ross river disease
salinity reduction
salinity increase
salmon stronger
sea level rise
sea level rise faster
sex change
sharks booming
shrinking ponds
ski resorts threatened
slow death
snowfall increase
snowfall reduction
societal collapse
songbirds change eating habits
sour grapes
spiders invade Scotland
squid population explosion
squirrels reproduce earlier
spectacular orchids
stormwater drains stressed
tectonic plate movement
ticks move northward (Sweden)
tides rise
tourism increase
trade winds weakened
tree beetle attacks
tree foliage increase (UK)
tree growth slowed
trees could return to Antarctic
trees less colourful
trees more colourful
tropics expansion
tropopause raised
turtles lay earlier
UK Katrina
Venice flooded
volcanic eruptions
walrus pups orphaned
wars over water
water bills double
water supply unreliability
water scarcity (20% of increase)
water stress
weather out of its mind
weather patterns awry
Western aid cancelled out
West Nile fever
whales move north
wheat yields crushed in Australia
white Christmas dream ends
wind shift
wind reduced
wine - harm to Australian industry
wine industry damage (California)
wine industry disaster (US)
wine - more English
wine -German boon
wine - no more French
winters in Britain colder
wolves eat more moose
wolves eat less
workers laid off
World bankruptcy
World in crisis
Yellow fever